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Gold, silver, copper, bronze, brass, tin ...... all these materials have been used to make coinage of the British Isles. Some materials like tin should be stored above 15 degrees centigrade to prevent the metal reverting back to a powder as Napoleonís soldiers found out on their retreat from Moscow when their tunic buttons degraded to powder in the low temperatures. For the serious collector there is always the desire to keep coins safe and in tip top condition while at the same time being able to look and enjoy viewing the collection and sharing with others.

Coin Services from Castlecoins  incorporates the very best digital photography to help coin collectors identify and record rarities in their collections.  

The answer could be digital photography. Coins are shown at their best -

 * The fine detail is there for all to see, guidelines usually seen under the microscope are easily seen
     on gold coinage.

 * Coloured toning on silver coins leaps out at the viewer

 * Dark, dull copper coinage, can be seen in all detail

 * Errors can be shown as inset close-ups to reveal detail that can easily be shown to others who
     can share this knowledge.

Digital Photographic images are an excellent way to record and manage coin collections. 

In short, a collection of coins can now be photographed to a higher quality than that typically seen in coin catalogues. Once photographed the images can be placed in order, descriptions and references added along with personal notes and then collated into a book.

For those familiar with computers the data can be stored electronically and modified or added to as a collection changes. Once placed on a computer the collection lends itself to other options -

Finding coins becomes easy, select for example a date or a denomination and the computer will find coins in the collection which fit the selected criteria. Then at the click of a button the pictures and details of the selected coin can be seen.

Itís as easy as that.

Electronic management of records is possible using digital photographic images. These images can be combined with personal notes, dates or any other annotations to form a complete record of any collection. These records in the form of a database can be interrogated quickly and easily using any criteria on the database.

Collecting coins is a very personal pastime. The thrill of finding listed and unlisted rarities leads to good collections. Documenting your collection becomes a high priority if you want others to recognise these finds in the future. This can be done the traditional way by simply writing a note on the coin envelope. The collector knows which envelope goes with which coin. Do others ?

This confusion can be lost forever by simply making an inventory of your collection using photography and adding all the details - a reference number, provenance, purchase details and other information on any irregularities.

Insurance is another good reason for making an inventory. Once photographed coins can be tracked and traced.

The recording of coin errors is especially important to identify key coins for insurance purposes. We configure our service to your specific requirements.

We have over 35 years experience in high resolution photography. Professional training with Kodak Ltd has been blended with experience at the leading edge of semiconductor lithography to bring this option to the serious collector.

We can configure our service to your specific requirements.

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