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  • American Numismatic Association
    The American Numismatic Association - a nonprofit, educational organization chartered by Congress - is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community.

    American Numismatic Society
    The ANS, founded in 1858, is a non-profit international center for the preservation and study of coins, medals and paper money

    Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
    Britain's oldest public museum

    British Museum Department of Coins and Medals
    The Department of Coins and Medals is home to one of the world's finest numismatic collections, comprising about one million objects. The collection spans the entire history of coinage from its origins in the 7th century BC to the present day, and related material such as coin weights, tokens and money-boxes. The Department also holds the national collection of paper money.

    British Numismatic Society
    The British Numismatic Society was founded in 1903 for the encouragement and promotion of numismatic science, particularly through the study of the coins, medals, tokens and banknotes of the peoples of the British Isles and Commonwealth, the United States of America, and all territories that at any time have been subject to British jurisdiction.

    British Numismatic Trade Association
    Founded in 1973, the BNTA has grown into an organisation which represents the interests of more than sixty fimrs located throughout the British Isles. The BNTA has become an effective force in the fight against forgery, theft and other criminal activities, thus esablishing a benchmark for the highest ethical standards in the domestic coin trade. Members receive early warning notices of counterfeit coins and stolen property.

    Bund Deutsche Ordenssammler (German Society Of Orders Collectors)
    For more than 20 years the BDOS eV has been a medium for collectors of all countries and counts more than 1400 members in Germany and abroad.

    Canadian Numismatic Association
    The CNA is a non-profit educational organization formed in 1950 and incorporated by Canada Charter in 1963.
    A resource for UK coin collectors, listing coin clubs nationally.

    Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge
    Department of Coins and Medals

    Hermitage Museum
    Website for the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

    Hunterian Museum, Glasgow
    Scotland's oldest museum

    International Association of Professional Numismatists
    The IAPN is a non-profit organisation of the leading international numismatic firms founded 1951. The objects of the Association are the development of a healthy and prosperous numismatic trade conducted according to the highest standards of business ethics and commercial practice. Today more than 110 numismatic firms are in membership, situated in all five continents and twenty-two countries.

    International Numismatic Commission
    The International Numismatic Commission was founded in 1934 "to facilitate cooperation between scholars and between institutions in the field of numismatics and related disciplines."

    Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Numismatic Collection

    London Numismatic Club
    Meets every month of the year except January and August in the Lecture Room of the Warburg Institute, Woburn Square, London WC1 0AB.

    Money Museum, Zurich
    The MoneyMuseum is a money and currency museum that resulted from private initiative. It is aimed at an interested lay public.

    National Museums of Scotland
    The National Museums of Scotland show Scotland to the World and the World to Scotland through extensive collections built up over more than two centuries. Displays of the collections can be seen at six sites.

    Royal Numismatic Society
    The Society was founded in 1836 as the Numismatic Society of London and received the title of the Royal Numismatic Society by Royal Charter in 1904. The Society is an academic body of charitable status concerned with research into all branches of numismatics. Its lectures and publications deal with classical, Asian, medieval and modern coins, paper money, tokens and medals.

    Russian Numismatic Society
    The Russian Numismatic Society (RNS), organized in 1978, is a non-profit group of collectors and students interested in the field of Russian numismatics.

    Smithsonian Institution, The National Numismatic Collection
    The National Numismatic Collection (NNC) of the Smithsonian Institution, one of the largest numismatic collections in the world and the largest in North America.