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Reference Sources for English Coins

Common reference books for English coins, Coincraft, English Silver Coinage and Spink - Coins of England.

Coincraft’s English and UK Coins

Good reference book with many illustrations of both regular and coin patterns. Mintage figures where available are also included and while now out of date it is still a very handy book to have to hand.




English Silver Coinage

Not an absolute reference but very useful as a guide to milled silver coinage only. Printed several times since 1949 this book indicates rarity although there are instances where coins have been classified wrongly. More a list of known varieties than a catalogue because no guide pricing is given in this book. For the beginner a must have for silver milled coinage. 

Coins of England - Spink

This is a yearly catalogue with prices and illustrations. Missing are details on varieties. Prices tend to jump on an inconsistent basis from year to year sometimes not moving and then in other years positively leaping. Nevertheless dealers tend to refer to this book for pricing of the common varieties.